Illinois Budget Special Session Underway


Illinois Budget Special Session Underway

The total also includes paying staff needed when lawmakers are at the Capitol. Actual costs may be lower, with not all lawmakers in attendance each day, some forgoing the per diem payments and lawmakers typically getting a roundtrip mileage once a week.

She's a Democrat, so it fits the Republican narrative that all Democrats are in Madigan's pocket.

"The governor needs to put aside his extreme agenda and compromise", He said. The Illinois Department of Transportation has announced that all construction work will stop on June 30th. Republicans say Democrats water down their proposals.

The Republican plan would raise $5 billion in taxes to pay overdue bills and fund services, while imposing a hard spending cap of $36 billion.

The special session could last up to 10 days.

If the state doesn't enact a plan that reins in its chronic deficit, S&P warned that IL will likely lose its investment-grade status around July 1.

IL owes Medicaid providers $2 billion for care provided to more than 3 million people - a small sum compared to the state's total unpaid bill of $15 billion, or 40 percent of Illinois' operating budget.

Retired University of Illinois Springfield political professor Kent Redfield said he thinks the special session could go either way.

About half an hour after convening on Wednesday, the Illinois House adjourned until Thursday. The Senate met briefly Wednesday to consider appointments and then members of each party met privately to plan the week.

Gov. Bruce Rauner on Tuesday urged lawmakers to fall in line and pass a full budget, as pressure mounted for his administration to finally reach a deal with the Democratic-controlled Illinois General Assembly.

Democratic House Speaker Michael Madigan told reporters his chamber was ready to answer the governor's special session call, and work on a budget with anyone who wanted to compromise. Republicans said they weren't doing anything Democrats haven't also done for years.

The state of IL has not had a full budget enacted since before Gov. Bruce Rauner took office.

Recent Rauner TV spots hit House Democrats for not acting on the state budget and Senate Democrats for not agreeing to his demand for a four-year property tax freeze. However, they say they don't want to deal with the revenue part of the plan until other reforms have been considered. They've engaged with the Senate Democrats.

Unless legislators unite to solve the budget impasse, the state's bleak outlook will worsen, he added.

Gov. Bruce Rauner has called a special session in Springfield that starts Wednesday, saying the time to act hasn't been more urgent.

Thus far, the state has been functioning by passing a series of stopgap spending packages, which is an option if the General Assembly again fails to pass a budget. Ratings agencies are threatening to downgrade the state's credit to junk status and schools and senior care centers could be in jeopardy.

Per the governor's request, House Democrats have voted to cut property taxes, reform workers' compensation, make changes that will improve the business climate and level the playing field for small and medium-sized businesses, reform the state procurement code and sell the Thompson Center.

Senate Democrats were also skeptical of the Governor's Speech, with many Senators releasing statements immediately following the address, stating they had already passed a balanced budget.

The Republican governor was short on details, during a brief, live televised statement to Illinoisans.

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