How to watch Pittsburgh celebrate a Stanley Cup championship online

Mark Humphrey  AP

Mark Humphrey AP

The Pittsburgh Penguins just won their second straight Stanley Cup.

An estimated 650,000 people flocked to the streets of downtown Pittsburgh to get up close and personal with their Stanley Cup Champions.

It's expected they may get more fans this year at their parade, which starts at 11 a.m. on Wednesday.

A couple of bittersweet story lines punctuated the festivities: 40-year-old veteran Matt Cullen, who has won two Cups since joining the Penguins as a free agent last season, has hinted he might retire, prompting fans to chant, "One more year!"

Love him or hate him, you can not discredit Crosby's accomplishments on the ice and the leader he has been, plus the dynasty he has built in Pittsburgh now capturing Pittsburgh's 3rd Stanley Cup win in nine years.

If you won't be near a TV due to work or other obligations, or you are a Penguins fan that just doesn't live in Pittsburgh, you can still watch the parade thanks to the internet. Murray finished the postseason, including his shutout performances in Games 5 and 6 of the Stanley Cup Final.

Fleury, one of the most popular Penguins with fans and teammates, is likely to leave when the new Las Vegas franchise drafts its players or in an offseason trade.

The Pittsburgh Penguins took a victory lap to remember on Wednesday. "I said a little something a year ago and saying if we could do this again". Pittsburgh fans made sure to have the last laugh after the parade ended after watching several catfish land on their home ice in three games versus the Predators.

Karla and Don Donahue drove 30 miles from Freeport to claim their seats in Point State Park at 2:30 a.m.

The moment came during the Penguins' postgame celebration when Fleury found Murray and handed him the Stanley Cup in a symbolic passing of the torch.

Carl Hagelin said he broke his fibula March 8 in Winnipeg and the injury never healed to his satisfaction, even though he was back in the lineup by Game 2 of the Washington series April 29. "We haven't missed a game in years".

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