Hawaii Signs Legislation To Implement Goals Of Paris Climate Accord Anyway

As Donald Trump targets India on climate change more voices in Washington will find a reason to praise India’s credentials. Illustration Jayachandran  Mint

California in climate tie up with China

Dear Editor, are you, too, fighting mad about Trump pulling the USA out of the Paris climate accord?

Trump's decision has left the United States as one of only three countries, along with Syria and Nicaragua, that are not part of the climate pact.

Hawaii has become the first state in the USA to formally codify its pledge to defy Donald Trump's decision to withdraw the country from the Paris climate agreement.

David Ige, shown here in 2014, has signed a bill to implement goals of the Paris Agreement in his state.

President Xi Jinping meets with California Governor Jerry Brown of the United States at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on Tuesday.

The President - who has previously called climate change science a hoax - said that the non-binding commitments laid out in the Paris agreement threatened American jobs and "disadvantaged" the country. Hawaii is joining at least 12 other states that have formed the U.S. Climate Alliance that have promised to remain committed to the goals in the Paris deal.

Jeff Immelt, the CEO of General Electric, tweeted that he was "disappointed" by the decision and that industries "must now lead and not depend on government" when it comes to climate change.

The momentum of existing climate-change efforts and the availability natural gas, wind and solar power mean those loyal to the Paris accord in the USA will have an easier time, with emissions expected to fall overall for years, said Robert Perciasepe with the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions, who worked with Bloomberg's group on the climate pledge.

"Reducing greenhouse emissions in Hawaii is now the law - the state law", reports Hawaii Public Radio's Bill Dorman.

Texas, the largest producer of climate-changing carbon dioxide in the USA and the biggest state economy after California, is a key figure absent from the list.

Ige also signed a bill Tuesday to reduce carbon emissions in the agriculture sector. For the sake of our children, grandchildren and future generations, we must cooperate with the global community to save our planet.

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