FUZE Code Studio is coming to Nintendo Switch in 2018

Therefore, the Japanese company released major updates for the Nintendo Switch, which was launched just three months ago. For typing you can use Fuze's touchscreen keyboard or plug in a USB keyboard - like that new official Nintendo Switch keyboard, for instance.

That's exactly what Fuze intends to do with the confirmation that its Code Studio software will receive a release on Nintendo's new console in the first half of next year.

Select stores across the United States will be seeing a few new units in stock, but which stores they're coming to and how many Nintendo Switch consoles they'll be getting still remains unmentioned.

Two main fixes are reported with the new update v3.0.0. Earlier, many users faced issues with software failing to update, but the new update address that situation. Nintendo also introduced numerous quality of life improvements for the Switch. This should make it easier to find the controllers if they fall behind furniture or get wedged in between couch cushions-assuming their batteries don't die before you look for them. In case your controller is paired, you can very well find out the controller. Now you're able to see which of your 3DS and Wii U friends has a Switch, allowing you to fill out your buddy list that way. In addition to being able to change the console's max volume, you can also change the current volume from the quick menu, or change the display colors to Invert Colors or Grayscale. Plus, the user icon order on the system home screen can now be altered too, which should be a useful feature for consoles with more than one user account. Also, the maximum volume of the headset that is connected to the audio jack can be lowered now. With the Nintendo Switch foregoing the D-pad on the standard Joy-Con set-up, this opens the opportunity not only to use a controller better designed for the game but also to use a controller than fans of the game may already have, eliminating the need to buy a new one.

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