Fox News drops 'Fair and Balanced' slogan

Fox News Is Dropping Its 'Fair & Balanced' Slogan

Fox News drops 'Fair and Balanced' slogan: report

Now with a new tagline.

Ailes came up with the slogan in 1996 - the same year Fox News Channel began, according to the report.

Network insiders tell TheWrap that the move was taken in part to distance the network from the controversial tenure of Ailes, who died in May and was forced to resign from the network in 2016 after multiple women accused him of sexual harassment.

One unnamed insider told the magazine that the phrase had "been mocked", while another said that it was "too closely associated with Roger".

In its place, the network will push its, until now, less used moniker, "Most Trusted, Most Watched", New York Magazine first reported.

Since Ailes departed the network amid sexual harassment allegations previous year, Fox News has seen the departure of several top hosts and staffers, as well as a reshuffling of its primetime lineup. "You Decide" and "The Most Powerful Name in News".

"There's a real difference between the news reporting and news gathering and the opinion shows - the sort of talk shows that occupy primetime and I think sort of get people excited", Murdoch said.

No longer tagged as "Fair & Balanced".

'He would call a group of senior producers and make you watch the channel and he'd point out stuff, like a banner that's slightly liberal, ' a senior producer is quoted as saying. "He would say, "The news is like a ship".

Ailes would also use "fair and balanced" as a measuring stick on whom to hire. Or, as Sherman described it: "Ailes' cynical genius at its most successful".

A spokesperson for Fox News confirmed to TheBlaze that the network has not, in fact, used the popular slogan since August in any of its marketing materials, but added that "the shift has nothing to do with programming or editorial decisions".

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