Existing climate efforts expected to keep US goals on track

In China California governor calls for more climate action

In China California governor calls for more climate action

Governor Brown said: "China is making a substantial contribution, as are other places in the world, and we are stepping up the effort".

The movement, which is supported by states like New York and California, is led by former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Former Vice President Joe Biden also jumped in the fray, tweeting that, "Exiting #ParisAgreement imperils United States security and our ability to own the clean energy future".

"It is imperative that the world know that in the US, the actors that will provide the leadership necessary to meet our Paris commitment are found in city halls, state capitals, colleges and universities, investors and businesses".

President Donald Trump called the Paris climate accord "draconian" and "onerous" when he announced the USA would withdraw from the agreement, but the decision's benefits to Indiana's energy landscape are unclear.

The likes of Green Alliance, Greenpeace, WWF and Good Energy have co-signed a statement that acknowledges the widespread global condemnation of president Trump's actions last week and called on the next prime minister to go further than the United Kingdom government's expression of disappointment.

When President Donald Trump pulled America out of the Paris Agreement on climate change, it caused a lot of concern with those anxious about environmental issues.

On what effect it will have on AUC's agenda to accelerate agricultural growth and transformation, Dr Bahiingwa said the union will continue to focus on the sector as research has shown that money invested in agriculture brings higher returns than in any other sector.

But many businesses and climate activists say policies aimed at addressing climate change are good for the overall economy.

Some studies suggest the United States will cut emissions as much as 19 percent by 2025 if it simply moves forward as is, he said.

Long before the president announced the United States would back out of the Paris climate accord, companies like Google and Apple had already been pressuring the president to stand with them and stay in the Paris agreement. "As the first state in the Trump era to take executive action to limit carbon emissions and create clean energy jobs, Virginia is proud to join the U.S. Climate Alliance", McAuliffe said. "In the absence of a supportive federal coordinating role, these actors will more closely coordinate their own re-carbonisation actions", Bloomberg wrote in a letter to the United Nations secretary-general, adding, "Collectively, they will redouble their efforts to ensure that the USA achieves the carbon emissions reductions it pledged under The Paris Agreement".

With the US stepping back, California is stepping up.

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