Director Patty Jenkins holds all the leverage in 'Wonder Woman 2' negotiations

Men May Need a Reset to Appreciate It, but We're Here for Wonder Woman Fangirling

'Wonder Woman' Makes Wonderful Debut

The advice she got from Gal Gadot was a bit more practical.

Sources say Warner Bros. will soon begin negotiations with Jenkins, who will have major leverage thanks to the movie's historic opening weekend.

Wonder Woman is all about a, well, a wonder woman, but that didn't stop her from having a fine-as-hell man on the side.

So Wonder Woman is out, and it's kind of a big deal.

"Wonder Woman" may be a feminist icon, but some male moviegoers aren't happy about some scheduled women-only screenings of the film.

"On close-up, I looked very much like Wonder Woman", Gadot told EW.

EW talked to our fearless leader back in April, and she discussed wanting to set a possible Wonder Woman sequel in America.

When a comic book movie is as unquestionably successful as Wonder Woman, you can't help but wonder what this means for a sequel...

But what's most telling about Wonder Woman's impressive opening is that, if you ever had any doubt, women can dominate the super hero genre not just in acting, but also in directing.

According to media reports, the Israeli actress was called over to London to film an additional action scene while she was pregnant. To my relief and delight, Jenkins, Gadot, and screenwriter Allan Heinberg get it. And she wants us all to know that our ongoing love and support for her are not being taken for granted.

In March 2017, director Patty Jenkins told EW, "The story will take place in the US, which I think is right".

Still, "Wonder Woman" is a must-see for any superhero fan. It's received praise from critics and audiences alike while also proving that DC and Warner Bros can make a good movie. So much misogyny has become common and internalized among men and women; however, for an outsider such as Wonder Woman, it hasn't.

Although Jenkins said she felt no obligation to return to the franchise as the director for the sequel, she would love to be involved in the "beautiful story".

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