'Dead woman walking': UK's Theresa May clings to power

Britain's Primer Minister Theresa May addresses the country after Britain's election at Downing Street in London

County Conservative MPs mostly happy with agreement with Ulster's DUP

Democratic Unionists (DUP) from Northern Ireland holding 10 key seats in Britain's Westminster parliament withheld support Sunday, prompting May's office to retract its previous claim that an "outline" coalition deal had already been agreed. "It's just how long she's going to remain on death row", former Conservative finance minister George Osborne, who was sacked by May when she became prime minister past year, told the BBC.The Conservatives won 318 House of Commons seats in Thursday's election, eight short of an outright majority.

The new editor of the "Evening Standard" newspaper and close ally of Cameron added: "Cameron took years getting back to office, winning in seats like Bath and Brighton and Oxford and I am angry when we go backwards and I am not afraid to say that".

May's party won 318 seats, 12 fewer than it had before the snap election, and eight short of the 326 needed for an outright majority.

Then, after midnight, Downing Street responded, saying: 'The Prime Minister has tonight spoken with the DUP to discuss finalising a confidence and supply deal when Parliament returns next week.

In a move that could jeopardise her frantic attempts to remain as Prime Minister, the DUP is accusing Downing Street of announcing a deal on its MPs voting with the Tories in the Commons before an agreement has been reached.

"We all need to pull together to take on Theresa May and take on the Tories", she told Sky News. His party "didn't win the election", Corbyn says, but he is prepared to continue resisting the Conservative agenda - especially what's known as "hard Brexit", a clean break with the European Union and departure from its single market system.

However, calls for unity may fall on deaf ears as the Tory party face the aftermath of losing its parliamentary majority and an alliance with the DUP.

"As regards some of the positions of the DUP, there is much which unites us, but as anyone who knows me would appreciate, I would never compromise my principles on the rights of women to chose an abortion or LGBT people, both of which I have consistently supported throughout my life and voted for in Parliament, on at least one recent occasion against the majority of my own party".

Primer Minister Theresa May leaves Downing Street on her way to Buckingham Palace in London after Britain's election.

But Soubry said May's time in the top job would be limited. However, she was given a "categoric assurance" from May that any arrangement between the two parties would see "absolutely no rescission of LGBTI rights in the rest of the UK". "We want to keep the damage of Brexit low", he said.

Negotiations are set to start in a week's time, but it is still not clear what form of Brexit David Davis will present.

"We are going to put down a substantial amendment to the Queen's speech which will be the main points of our manifesto so we will invite the House to consider all the issues we've put forward - jobs-first Brexit, policies for young people and on austerity", Corbyn said.

British foreign secretary Boris Johnson gave his backing to Prime Minister Theresa May on Sunday and said she was the best person to deliver Britain's exit from the European Union.

In a resignation statement on the Conservative Home website, Timothy conceded that the campaign had failed to communicate "Theresa's positive plan for the future", and missed signs of surging support for the opposition Labour Party.

The leader of the Scottish Conservative party Ruth Davidson- who announced her engagement to her partner Jen Wilson in May- been very firm that LGBT rights can not be compromised by a DUP alliance.

DUP leader Arlene Foster with MPs at the Stormont Hotel in Belfast. But we will act in the national interest and do what it right for the United Kingdom as a whole and in particular for Northern Ireland.

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