Cancer Survivors Honored At Wings Over The Rockies

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a Decline in Late Effects After Childhood Treatment

The investigators found that the results for specific diagnosis groups were consistent with expectations based on how treatments evolved over time in each group. Along with friends and family, cancer survivors came together to enjoy a Hawaiian-themed luau.

At the annual event, more than 150 cancer survivors and about 50 guests gathered for breakfast at Shugrue's, paid for with money raised by the association.

"We have not identified any age or time since diagnosis when survivors no longer need to be concerned about their risk of treatment-related late health effects, as they seem to persist throughout their lifetime", he said. Those who attended were treated to a gourmet meal provided by the hospital.

The event is a nationwide celebration for those who have survived, and serve as an inspiration for those who have been recently diagnosed.

Having been a nurse for 32 years at Genesis, Warehime said she had the option to have her treatment completed anywhere but the ability to continue her treatment without missing any work was a motivating factor for her.

"When I got my diagnosis, I said, 'My life's in your hands, ' and I turned it over to (God)", Bauer said.

"Persistence. You know your body better than anybody", she said. She was diagnosed with breast cancer a little over six years ago and took swift action with her doctor. If you think something is wrong, stick with it, even if you have to go somewhere else.

This current investigation used the CCSS data from 23,601 survivors to evaluate the incidence of severe, disabling/life-threatening, or fatal chronic health conditions among 5-year childhood cancer survivors diagnosed before their 21st birthday from 1970 through 1999.

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