Boris Johnson denies plot to topple UK PM Theresa May

European leaders have ramped up the pressure on Theresa May over Brexit insisting the talks on EU withdrawal must begin as soon as possible.

After Thursday's vote, May's Conservative Party still has the largest number of lawmakers, but lacks a parliamentary majority.

Promises likely to be made by Mr Williamson and the prime minister are likely to concentrate on the Northern Ireland implications of Brexit.

Polling day on Thursday delivered a slap to May, leaving her eight seats short of the 326-seat mark for an overall majority. The main opposition Labour Party surpassed expectations by winning 262. Well, May is going to attempt to form an agreement with the 10 MPs that were elected from the Democratic Unionist Party, or DUP. And, as I reflect on the results, I will reflect on what we need to do in the future to take the party forward.

Conservative legislator Nigel Evans said the departure of the two aides was "a start", but there needed to be changes to the way the government functioned in the wake of the campaign. The party said Saturday that Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill have quit.

"It was a disaster", he said.

British Prime Minister Theresa May risks losing her position to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn following her Conservative Party's poor performance in the just concluded election.

With talks due to start in Brussels in ten days time, Mr Tusk said it was their "urgent task" to get on with the negotiations in "the best possible spirit".

Bloodied by an election gamble that backfired and triggered calls for her resignation, May on Friday stood by her vow to form Britain's next government and lead the country out of the European Union.

"The last thing business leaders need is a parliament in paralysis, and the consequences for British businesses and for the United Kingdom as an investment destination would be severe", said Stephen Martin, director general of the Institute of Directors business lobby. "May sought a mandate".

In opposition, Labour leader Corbyn has long criticized Israel's approval of additional settlements in the West Bank, adding that he would have recognized a Palestinian state if he had become prime minister. All the most senior ministers - including Treasury chief Philip Hammond, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, Defense Secretary Michael Fallon and Home Secretary Amber Rudd - kept their jobs and there were few changes in the Cabinet lineup.

Corbyn's newly energized Labour Party officially backs Brexit - since voters endorsed it in a referendum a year ago - but many important figures in the party advocate a much "softer" approach, and their views now may now carry sway. That means the DUP would back the government on confidence motions and budget votes, but it's not a coalition government or a broader pact.

May shrugged off suggestions her days in Downing St. were numbered.

The alliance makes some modernizing Conservatives uneasy.

"We welcome this commitment, which can provide the stability and certainty the whole country requires as we embark on Brexit and beyond", he said.

Northern Ireland is the only part of the which same-sex marriage is illegal.

The Labour MP for Nottingham East refused to reveal whether he thought Mr Corbyn was a credible prime minister. The exit polls projected no seats for UKIP, the nationalist party that led the successful campaign for Britain to leave the European Union.

"I will never apologise for my view which is, yes of course you've got to inspire people, and we haven't done that well enough in the past".

Sorfina said she knew the importance of social care funding as she has friends who struggled to pay their fees while providing for their families. When I see older people voting for the Tories (Conservatives) or Brexit I see completely different values.

The socially conservative pro-Brexit Democratic Unionist Party's 10 seats are enough to give May's Conservatives a fragile but workable partnership.

She and just about everyone else also underestimated how skilled a campaigner Corbyn would be. The Times' front page said: "May stares into the abyss".

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