Apple's HomePod is expensive than Google and Amazon's smart speakers

Apple's HomePod is expensive than Google and Amazon's smart speakers

Apple's HomePod is expensive than Google and Amazon's smart speakers

Apple's new product is a competitor to Google's Home and Amazon's Echo line of smart speakers, which have taken an early lead in the young product category. HomePod combines Apple-engineered audio technology and advanced software to deliver the highest-fidelity sound throughout the room, no matter where it's placed.

It's no surprise that Samsung is looking to foray into the voice-activated speaker's department as major tech giants such as Amazon, Google, and Apple have their own speakers.

Which is the best in-home Smart Assistant Among the three? Amazon and Google are running away with the market that the Echo helped create. And prospective buyers will have to be content with the white and Space Grey colour options once the HomePod is released in December.

Apple is finally jumping into the smart speaker craze. The HomePod weighs over 5lbs (Google Home weighs just over 1lb), features a large woofer, 7 tweets, 7 microphones, and ac WiFi. The smart speaker houses the A8 SoC, which has been modified to adapt to the sound quality of the room in which the HomePod is kept. Competitor Google's home assistant achieved a 10% market share. It has multi-channel echo cancellation, real-time acoustic modeling and more. As a music-playing device, it will also be a challenger to Sonos, whose wifi-controlled speakers are used by many smartphone users for home entertainment.

"We want to reinvent home music", Apple CEO Tim Cook said at the company's WWDC keynote. Thanks to the install base of Echo devices, Amazon has been able to partner with developers to include an increasing number of features within Alexa. HomePod owners can also perform advanced searches with the smart speaker. Like other smart speakers, audio information isn't sent to Apple's cloud until this voice command has been issued, Apple said.

Amazon and Google's existing speakers have proved popular with consumers since the Echo launched in the United Kingdom in 2016 and Home earlier this year. One of the reasons we came out with the Echo Dot was getting the price to under $50. Google Home, powered by Google Assistant, retails for $129. On the other hand, Apple didn't mention of any such productivity feature for their HomePod at the WWDC.

However, a recent statement from an Amazon exec holds that the HomePod is not such a big threat to the Echo family, as the products are "different philosophically" and should appeal to different tastes and needs.

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