Apple wants to rock the market with HomePod, faces challenges

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When it comes to smart-home speakers, the first names that come to our minds immediately are Google Home and Amazon Echo.

My colleagues Mark Gurman and Alex Webb reported last week that Apple is manufacturing and preparing to unveil its own home assistant, an Echo-like device powered by Apple's virtual assistant, Siri. But the Amazon executive in charge of Alexa and the Amazon Echo said he'd welcome the idea.

The Amazon Echo weighs 2.34 lbs. while the Google Home is at 1.05 lbs. Research company eMarketer puts its share of the market at 70.6%, compared to 23.8% for Alphabet's (GOOGL) Google.

ApplePromotional image for HomePod - Apple's newest home speaker. Until then, Amazon will remain the smart home market's most popular device maker. While Google and Amazon spend a lot of time talking about the intelligence of their respective assistants and the convenience they offer, there's little mention of security or privacy.

Tech reviewers, analysts, and Apple fans have started falling heads over heels in love with the HomePod.

Another One Of Apple's Clever Marketing Ploy? These are a more affordable solution than Apple's ecosystem, if you wish to place several speakers about the home for a multi-room system. While Alexa speaks only English and German, and Google Home works in seven languages, Siri now works across 21 languages.

Apple disclosed another variant of Siri amid its WWDC keynote address this week, yet neglected to demonstrate the world how it's vastly improved than contending items from Google and Amazon. Siri on HomePod can also look for details such as who the music artists are behind a particular song on play.

The moves announced Monday escalate Apple's technological battle of wits with Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Facebook.

Cook will say this product is the best music speaker you can buy.

Apple's HomePod won't be available until six months from now, and let's not even begin to speculate about what December availability may mean in terms of missing on the early stages of the critical holiday shopping season if Apple doesn't have this out on the market by late November.

In fact, the AI assistant can learn a user's preference when they tell it, "Hey Siri, I like this song". It is high time that Apple wakes up to a new era of technology disruption and make real use of its voice assistance technology Siri, considering it was amongst the first voice assistants to hit the market, but never made it big.

Apple's HomePod is clearly going for a more powerful speaker, offering with a seven tweeter "beam-forming array", 4-inch forward facing subwoofer and an A8 chipset to learn the room it's housed in and adapt its output to fit the acoustics.

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