Apple To Disallow Custom Prompts For App Ratings

Apple has rolled out massive update for its users

Apple won't let apps annoy you with their own review prompts anymore

Lin next chose to download the app and try it out.

To learn how this could be, Lin installed and ran the app, and was soon prompted to start a "free trial" for an "anti-virus scanner" (iOS does not need anti-virus software thanks to Apple's sandboxing rules for individual apps).

At WWDC, Apple reported that they've paid out $70 billion to developers, with 30% of that ($21 billion!) in the past year.

Even though some apps have had the tipping ability for a while, Apple as a whole has not had tipping before. Until Apple removes these scam apps and improves its app review policies, spread the word to make sure family and friends don't get ripped off! But there's still the question of how they even pass the review process. It was written by an independent Thai developer and had been a top 20 grossing productivity app since April.

The updated terms for Apple's App Store now classifies in-app tips under the same category as in-app purchases, legalizing tips that users wish to send to app developers.

Clearly there should be more scrutiny on developers who buy search ads, particularly for specific terms like "virus cleaner" or "antivirus". At WWDC, the company finally took the wraps off the long-rumoured HomePod speaker.

This story doesn't stop there, though, because the developers at Spirit Realm Games tried to play it off like they had no idea that Pepe was anything more than a amusing internet meme-a point of view that would require someone to have stayed off the internet for over a year. At $400/month per subscriber, it only needs to scam 200 people to make $80,000/month, or $960,000 a year. Mobile analytics firm Sensor Tower estimates the app has generated about $80,000 per month.

iOS: If you've never checked on your app subscriptions, I don't blame you. Before he did that, however, he read the fine print that included in tiny letters, "You will pay $99.99 for a 7-day subscription".

However, as with in-app purchases, Apple will now take a 30 percent cut from all tips that apps will generate.

Aside from changing its developer policies, Apple could do a lot to improve the usability of in-app subscriptions.

Starting from the small stuff, we're now up to WatchOS 4 for the Apple Watch, which brings updates like a Siri Watchface, which keeps things like reminders front and centre, and some updates on the fitness tracking side of things, reinforcing Apple's commitment to the idea that the smartwatch is mainly a fitness device.

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