Amber Rose breaks Internet with 'pantless' snap

Not pleased She posted a cleavage-bearing video while rolling her eyes at the

Amber Rose breaks Internet with 'pantless' snap

In the censored photo above, Muva is posing in a black fur coat in all of her bottomless glory (which has been edited out) to promote her 2017 Slut Walk event, which takes place in October.

The image was shot by photographer Orin Fleurimont.

The image - which showed the 33-year-old model completely naked from the waist down - was removed by Instagram within hours of going up, as it violated the site's no-nudity policy. You can see it below, and again - it's NSFW!

Other followers chimed in giving commentary on her unshaven look and the fact that she has a four-year-old son Sebastian.

Of course, the Internet has been freaking out about the state of Rose's natural pubic hair, but Rose doesn't give a flying you-know-what about that either. "The event provides a safe, all-inclusive space to entertain, educate, and empower".

One wrote: "Feel sorry for her son!" while another said: "Her son will see this one day!" A lot of them were shocked how the image was allowed on the social media platform, while others made fun of her unshaven genitals, stating that the model has more hair down there than she does on her head.

You love Amber Rose, right? "I would never have my kid (even as a teenager) follow a 33-year-old grown woman on Social media", she added. I was still a virgin.

"I thought it was the end of the world".

The Twitter version quickly amassed thousands of re-Tweets, and "Amber Rose" became a Worldwide Trending Topic.

Despite the photo being deleted from Instagram, it has still been there on her official Twitter account and has been liked over 30,000 times.

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