Amazon Alexa now works with your Apple iCloud calendar

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The middle of the chart is less interesting, with things like timers and reminders being expectedly somewhat-used features. While you're making your next multi-course masterpiece, you'll be able to avoid mixing up your cook times by assigning a timer to each dish. It's a big deal if you're heavily invested in Apple's ecosystem, although the timing is definitely... convenient, Engadget said.

You can also ask Alexa to remind you of something after a short period.

Amazon is promising a free Echo Dot unit to the first 2,500 developers in the USA to publish a Skill for its Alexa AI platform in the month of June.

Amazon has dominated the category of connected speakers since 2014 when it introduced its first Echo, which responds to voice commands and allows users to order goods or rides and control connected appliances.

You can check your list of active timers from within the Alexa app, if you want an overview of everything at once.

If you're an avid Apple user and depend on the iCloud calendar feature via your iPad, iPhone, Mac or Apple Watch then you'll be glad about this new feature from Amazon assistant Alexa. When the alarm goes off at that time, it will tell you what you actually wanted to do. You can use it to set up reminders to pick up groceries, take out the trash or get work done. The reason for that is that some of these apps help you keep several balls up in the air on any given day.

As for reminders, that's set by time and date rather than a specific countdown. We'll also cover how to get the update and when you can expect it to hit your device in the United Kingdom and other countries. It's no wonder, since the affordable $49.99 price point hits consumers' sweet spot - and the Echo Dot can be had for as little as $38 right now, thanks to a limited-time sale. Now, if you have multiple timers at once, you can browse them up through the Alexa app.They are available in the US now and are coming to the United Kingdom and Germany soon. Not many other calendars need to be added to make this a full experience, so whatever type of calendar you use, chances are Alexa can talk to it.

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