7% of Americans believe chocolate milk comes from brown cows

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To many of our young child-aged selves, the idea that chocolate milk came from chocolate-colored, aka brown, cows seemed logical.

It sounds hilarious that any adult would think this, but it's actually kind of sad-and not shocking.

People continue to enjoy a love affiar with cheese - 95% of survey respondents have some type of cheese in their fridge. Although plenty of kids assume that chocolate milk comes from brown cows, according to a survey released in June, millions of adults in the United States are still laboring under that particular misapprehension.

In an earlier survey, a US Department of Agriculture study during the 1990s found that nearly one in five adults didn't know hamburgers were beef.

"They did not possess schema necessary to articulate an understanding of post-production activities nor the agricultural crop origin of common foods", the researchers concluded. While magic and spells would create an interesting wrinkle in our daily food adventures, it's not the best route for creating those "well-rounded" adults we all aim to be at some point.

FoodCorps is just one of many organizations that offering hands-on lessons and school meals to kids in high-area needs in order to teach food literacy and promote healthy eating.

More than one-quarter of Americans think the sun revolves around the Earth, NPR reported, citing a study by The National Science Foundation. "Within a relatively brief period, the average distance from farm to kitchen had grown from a short walk down the garden path to a convoluted, 1,500-mile energy-guzzling journey by rail and truck".

According to FoodCorp, the past 20 years has seen a major movement toward re-educating Americans on nutrition and where food comes from.

A research paper of the National Institute of Animal Agriculture blamed consumers for this unawareness. The knowledge gap proves that we aren't getting the proper education about our food.

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