12-year-old girl helps deliver her baby brother

A 12-year-old in Mississippi helped to deliver her newborn brother

A 12-year-old in Mississippi helped to deliver her newborn brother

Jacee Dellapena, 12, helped deliver her new sibling, Cayson Carraway, at a Jackson, Mississippi, hospital. She is clearly overcome with emotion as she holds her newborn baby brother.

Dr Wolf guided Jacee's hands throughout the whole birth, helping her do everything, including cutting the umbilical cord.

That's when the doctor asked Jacee's mother, Dede Carraway, if she'd allow the girl to help deliver the baby. "I was like, 'Wow, like I've played fake doctor before, but this is, like, the real thing, this is is the real deal.' I was really nervous", Jacee told the station. "It's pretty cool, I never would have imagined it would happen", said Dellapenna.

Carraway said her daughter suited up and was ready to go.

Carraway says her daughter was too young a couple of years ago when she wanted to be in the room when another son was born. In photos captured of the emotional delivery, Jacee's face says it all.

But Carraway said they both felt it was worth it, knowing what an awesome big sister Jacee has been.

They were then shared by family friend Nikki Smith, a singer-songwriter, and quickly went viral, evoking more than 185,000 reactions.

Jacee Dellapena was trying to get a better look at the birth of her new brother on Tuesday when she started crying because she thought she would miss it because she wasn't tall enough to see, WBLT reports.

"I was scared I was going to mess up".

The post has more than 189,000 likes, 169,000 shares and 16,000 comments.

"I want people to know that Zach was in the room, too", his wife said. Dellapenna said she "would love" to do it again, but her mom doesn't plan on having another little one anytime soon.

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