'Sketchy Dog' Statue Artist Proves Whole Point Of 'Fearless Girl'



Some agreed with Gardega and felt that the statue captured Americans' gripes with corporate marketing campaigns, arguing that the Fearless Girl never truly represented women to begin with.

"That bull had integrity", Alex Gardega, who designed the pug statue, told the New York Post.

Those who considered the work misogynistic immediately criticized the dog statue.

For almost three months, the "Fearless Girl" statue has stared down the "Charging Bull", an iconic, 11-foot, 3-ton monument to "peace, strength, power and love", according to the artist. He also stated he intentionally built his dog statue poorly in order to degrade the message of the feminist symbol.

Pissing Pug was removed from the site at noon Monday, just several hours after the artist had placed it there. "There is plenty of room for Fearless Girl; it just interferes with another artists work/vision". "He is very upset", Gardega said. Fans have flocked to her side to snap photos, and she's received tons of press coverage - almost all of which notes that the statue is backed by State Street.

But the Fearless Girl statue is not without controversy, and from the minute she went up, she's inspired a rash of detractors and critics.

"I took it away personally", Gardega told NBC. "I would totally be pro [Fearless Girl] if it was done by some punk-rock artist", Gardega said.

But Gardega said there is some value in the "Fearless Girl" sculpture.

Gardega has supposedly been "seething" over the placement of the Fearless Girl, though he's neither met her maker nor Di Modica.

What do you think of this latest controversy surrounding Fearless Girl? Di Modica said the addition of the 4-foot tall girl staring down his own 11-foot bull infringes on is own artistic copyright by changing the creative dynamic of the bronze statue.

"Charging Bull", which was installed surreptitiously in the midst of the 1989 stock market crash as a show of resilience.

While some have critiqued the pug's less-than-stellar quality, Gardega says that this was intentional.

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