NFL Changes Celebration Rules, But Twerking Is Still Banned

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The NFL has relaxed some of its rules on touchdown celebration dances. Now, there will be just one roster cut down day following the fourth preseason game, which is from a 90-man roster to 53. Now, teams will go directly from 90 to 53 following the preseason finale.

Roger Goodell went on to say that the league is still trying to improve and certain types of celebrations, those that delay the game or are directed towards an opponent will still be fined.

National Football League owners cut the overtime period from 15 minutes to 10 minutes to address coaches' concerns too many players were exhausted and risking injuries at the end of the extra period.

Would taking a measly five minutes off the end of an overtime period really reduce the number of injuries in the National Football League in any appreciable degree? In addition, team owners approved a centralized replay to give the NFL's NY officiating command center the final say on reviewed calls.

Many coaches will be grateful to hear this news as it'll give them one more game to try out players at the bottom of the roster.

While the overtime rule change is sure to play a significant factor in the outcome of games in 2017, the NFL's rule change to players on a team's injured reserve list is also sure to shake things up.

But if a member of the Vikings happens to score a touchdown in an overtime game this year, he can now at least celebrate with his teammates or even use the ball as a prop. It's a big step in the right direction, allowing players to express themselves more freely and creatively.

The rule on using the ball as a prop "was responsible for so numerous most mystifying penalties" last season, including one for tossing it over the posts, continues Seifert: "Now we can go back to pretending the football is a baby and rocking it".

That freedom had been stripped in many cases, with fans and media criticizing the NFL as being the "No Fun League".

"We know that you love the spontaneous displays of emotion that comes after a spectacular touchdown".

His new teammate, wideout Jordan Matthews, who scored just three times last year after scoring eight in each of his first two National Football League seasons, celebrated with QB Carson Wentz in totally-legal-but-still-hilarious fashion last year. Katherine Terrell of ESPN wrote about Lewis's disagreement with the new rule and quoted him throughout the story.

The 75-man roster cut-down has been eliminated from the preseason roster building process.

The Los Angeles metropolitan area has hosted seven Super Bowls but none since 1993.

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