Uber accused of using 'sophisticated' software to cheat both drivers and passengers

Uber accused of using 'sophisticated' software to cheat both drivers and passengers

Uber accused of using 'sophisticated' software to cheat both drivers and passengers

The woman tells him to go back to his country, and says, "Donald Trump's gonna send you Afghanis back, get the f**k out of my country". "I'll call the cops right now.I'm going to tell them you're holding me against my will.You're going to jail for domestic violence".

In the video, a female Uber passenger gets into a fight with the driver, and warns him she will call the police and claim he threatened to hit her and sexually assault her. "I'll politely tell you, 'I'm sorry, I don't have a charger.' But you start disrespecting me". As uncovered by Ars Technica, a proposed class-action lawsuit alleges that the company used a "sophisticated" piece of software whose goal was to defraud both its drivers and its passengers. Uber's software is showing a potential customer a longer, more expensive route on their smartphone when asking for a ride, but at the same time, the Uber driver's screen is showing a shorter route so they can pay their driver less money.

By the 4:00 mark she says she's going to start telling people that "you raping me".

She also yelled "get the f-k out of my country" to the driver.


"What she failed to understand is I came here legally. That you raped me", she said. I just work to make a living, ' the driver says in the new video.

"As our Community Guidelines make clear, this will not be tolerated by anyone who uses Uber", a spokesperson for Uber told the New York Post. She was apparently upset that he did not have an iPhone charger available for her use. "In New York if you live here you have to learn how to control yourself or you're going to fight every day", Boubacar said.

The unnamed driver said Uber was understanding of the incident.

. After she exits the vehicle, the driver proceeds to talk at the camera, calling the rider a "stupid Bronx bitch".

When that tactic fails she threatens to "violate the car" and "throw her juice everywhere", while the driver continues to maintain his calm throughout it all.

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