Shadow Brokers Release Also Suggests NSA Spied On Bank Transactions

Shadow Brokers Release Also Suggests NSA Spied On Bank Transactions

Shadow Brokers Release Also Suggests NSA Spied On Bank Transactions

That does mean that older Windows XP or Windows Vista systems could still be vulnerable to three of the exploits released, but it's unlikely that Microsoft will supply patches for these older versions of Windows as they're already unsupported.

The other big revelation from the Shadow Brokers dump is the claim that the NSA infiltrated the SWIFT banking network through a firm called EastNets in Dubai.

Last year, Shadow Brokers claimed to have stolen files from Equation group and attempted to auction them off, but failed and have since been releasing portions of the archive in stages.

On Friday, a group released documents and files indicating NSA had accessed the SWIFT money-transfer system.

The group Friday appeared to release tools created to target Windows PCs and servers, along with presentations and files purporting to detail the agency's methods of carrying out clandestine surveillance.

He added that NSA "completely hacked" EastNets, one of two SWIFT service bureaus named in the documents that were released by the Shadow Brokers.

"Our engineers have investigated the disclosed exploits, and most of the exploits are already patched", the company said in a blog post late on Friday.

The NSA could not immediately be reached for comment, but SWIFT said in a statement that the hacking involved only its service bureaus and not its own network.

The exploits, published by the Shadow Brokers yesterday, contained vulnerabilities in Windows computers and servers. Let us know below.

Security researchers spent most of the day trying to figure out how the various exploits worked by testing the exploits in various virtual machines in their respective labs.

Those exploits could have allowed an attacker to compromise affected computers on a range of Windows versions.

Luckily, when it comes to the recently leaked Windows exploits, Microsoft was already prepared - now supported versions of the operating system are not impacted.

Releasing this information ahead of a holiday weekend may make it harder for Microsoft and IT workers to respond, as anyone with bad intentions now has access to a number of previously unknown exploits. "A few of the products targeted include Lotus Notes, Lotus Domino, IIS, SMB, Windows XP, Windows 8, Windows Server 2003, and Windows Server 2012". Misner noted on the TechNet site that Microsoft has already patched numerous Windows exploits revealed in the leak.

"We have no evidence to suggest that there has ever been any unauthorised access to our network or messaging services".

Due to the detailed description of service bureau infrastructure in the Shadow Brokers documents, Suiche believes the leak could be harmful to the SWIFT network.

In a statement to Wired, Microsoft said, "We are reviewing the report and will take the necessary actions to protect our customers".

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