Netflix's New Thumbs Up Rating System Explained in Video

Netflix's New Thumbs Up Rating System Explained in Video

Netflix's New Thumbs Up Rating System Explained in Video

This is a significant change in the eyes of Netflix because people misunderstood its previous five-star rating system.

If you see a star rating on Netflix, you may presume that star rating shows the quality of the content - it is a reasonable assumption, as that is how star ratings work.

The score is a prediction of what Netflix "thinks you may enjoy watching, based on your own unique tastes".

Netflix ratings are still the same in that they are based on viewer habits, not popularity.

Say good-bye to Netflix's star rating system.

Netflix said it saw a 200% increase in ratings activity when it replaced stars with thumbs during testing.

Today's the day that Netflix subscribers get to perform and ideal their best Commodus of the film GLADIATOR impression as the premiere streaming service is set to roll out their new "Thumbs" rating system. Johnson said Netflix subscribers had been asking for a way to get Netflix to stop suggesting a title.

Netflix's Cameron Johnson, who oversaw the shift, told Business Insider that it all came from the realization that Netflix had always used star ratings differently than the rest of the internet, but that this distinction wasn't clear to users. That's why Netflix settled on "thumbs up/down", which is widely understood to imply that you are training an algorithm to know what you like, Johnson said.

Netflix has introduced this system with a video which talks about Netflix ratings getting a makeover. Give a show or movie a thumbs down, and Netflix knows not to recommend it to you again. "Which is why we found a simpler way to help you find the flawless match".

This new system is completely simplified and provides users with an action that requires minimal interaction. "So the next time you find your new Netflix obsession, give it a "Thumbs up"," he suggests. This means as you continue to rate more content, you'll see even better recommendations over time. This feature is personalized and aimed at telling you that the said percentage is how much you'd like a movie or TV show.

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