Facebook Adds Group Payments to Messenger for Desktop

Previously, you could only pay or request money from one person at a time on Messenger. This is where the other, lesser-used features like games, location-sharing, ride requests, and more are tucked away in a new, scrollable user interface that arrived alongside Facebook's debut of its Messenger assistant, M, earlier this month. The company first introduced the service in 2015 and started allowing people to transact funds to each other via messenger.

This means you can now keep track of who has paid you back, and who still owes you for that last drink - all through Messenger. Furthermore, the use of this feature is free. You can select an individual member or everyone in the group.

Facebook suggests the new feature would be useful for groups where everyone is chipping in on a purchase - like a group gift - or are splitting a restaurant bill. Than it is very simple you have to just click on the plus sign in the bottom left hand side of the group conversation. There the user can choose who to send or request money from. "You [still] need to enable payments and all that kind of stuff to remove friction from the experience when someone wants to buy something".

As with direct peer-to-peer payments, the group payments feature is free to use without hidden fees; all it takes is linking your account with a debit card. Finally, you can specify what the money is for - maybe a pizza party, teacher gift or more. Or you can also request the entire group to pay you. Such apps have made big inroads in mixing chatting with commerce and payments.

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