Coachella man caught stealing over 100 phones thanks to Find My iPhone

A NY man was arrested at the Coachella music festival in California Friday with more than 100 stolen cellphones in his backpack, police say.

Police suggested the following tips for protecting your stuff at festivals. This is a bitter reality for many Coachella attendees every year, but this weekend a lucky few were able to quickly find redemption thanks to the Find My iPhone feature. Henao was detained by festival security until police arrived to find that his backpack contained more than 100 cellphones.

Henao was booked into the Larry D. Smith Correctional Center on suspicion of grand theft and receiving stolen property. Officers say Henao was walking through the crowded California music festival picking pockets. Several phones were returned to their owners and the remaining devices were turned in to the festival's lost and found. When people began to notice their phones were missing, a quick-thinking group of victims put a helpful feature on their smart phones to work. If you are unlucky enough to be a victim of pickpocketing, and your ID, passport, cards and important documents are spread out, you will not lose everything in one go. He almost got away with stealing upwards of 100 phones - a hefty chunk of change in his pocket had he been able to pawn them off.

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