BC election under way after weeks of unofficial campaigning ends

BC election under way after weeks of unofficial campaigning ends

BC election under way after weeks of unofficial campaigning ends

Johnstone says it's freaky when it's known both the Port Mann and Golden Ears Bridges aren't exactly in the black and there's a need to fund major transit projects in the region.

Clark said the Liberals' proposal to cap tolls won't affect the bridges' financials as the government would cover the cost of lost toll revenue above the cap, estimated at about $30 million annually.

Weaver campaigned Tuesday in Vancouver's Olympic Village on his party's housing policy that he says aims to cool the overheated real estate market by, among other things, improving the supply of homes through capital spending to build about 4,000 new units a year. Under her government, social cuts continue, living standards have declined, child poverty rates remain among the worst in Canada, rents have skyrocketed, and 150,000 people are officially unemployed (many more have dropped out of the labour force and aren't counted).

As for the Liberal platform, Weaver said it's "so void of ideas, it's staggering".

Other commitments include $15 million from hunting licence fees for a new wildlife society, $12 million for an natural disaster early warning system for schools, hospitals and emergency command centres, a $10-million tax deduction for ferry users in ferry dependent communities, and $10 million to increase the value of charitable tax credits.

Overall support for the B.C. Greens is at 12 per cent, but that climbs to 19 per cent on Vancouver Island.

Clark says their plan for those issues was in the most recent budget.

Clark dismissed the NDP promise as a costly "scheme" that would ultimately result in tax hikes. "That's what makes it possible for us to make some of these changes and make some of these investments".

Clark adds her government will focus on smart transit expansion, and if elected, will welcome ride-share companies like Uber to the province later in the year.

But Christy Clark still edges out John Horgan on who respondents think will make the best Premier, but that's within the margin of error.

Minimum wage: The NDP, backed by the B.C. Federation of Labour, is promising a minimum wage of $15 an hour, while the Liberals have been implementing staggered increases that will bring the minimum wage to $11.35 an hour by September.

"This election is about a choice", it said.

With that formality complete, B.C.'s 28-day election campaign has begun.

The fact that the NDP announced their tolling plan just minutes after the Liberals announced theirs has led some to believe the promise was a reactionary measure.

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