April 18th is the last day to file your taxes

Taxpayers must also pay interest on taxes not paid by the filing deadline. Taxpayers who reside in certain portions of Louisiana have until June 30, 2017 to file and pay their 2016 tax return. And filing may turn out to be not as bad as you think. They reiterated they do not know anything about the tax case. Tax Day has historically been a busy day for the post office, though it has declined in recent years with more people filing their taxes online. Everyone can use Free File to file for an extension, Form 4868, if they can't meet the April 18 deadline.

The IRS said it expects more than 13 million taxpayers to request a filing extension, giving them six additional months to complete and file their tax return. This will give you up to six more months, but you'll still need to pay any taxes owed by April 18.

It's possible to get the automatic extension without filing IRS Form 4868.

For whatever reason, those who have delayed filing will need to take action by midnight Tuesday.

What's most important, he said, is just to file something.

Dulay said if other big companies are found among those businesses not paying correct taxes, then the BIR will do its job and build tax-evasion cases against them. However, filing for an extension does not mean you also extend the timeline to pay your taxes. Generally, the IRS will never contact you via email or phone; they will contact you by mail.

Most states follow the federal deadline, but some don't.

The higher your income, the more likely you are to be audited.

"With the tax deadline approaching, taxpayers shouldn't panic".

If you're overseas and don't plan to return to the USA until after April, you're best served to file an extension.

If you're one of the million people who've not claimed your federal tax refund from 2013, you better get to it.

President Rodrigo Duterte said in his visit to Qatar over the weekend that Tan owed the government P30 billion in tax liabilities.

If you're anxious about being audited, don't. Billions of tax records, including W-2 and 1099 forms, get sent each year to the IRS, where computers analyze them, looking for missing taxpayers and unreported income. The season got off to an especially slow start partly due to a new law that delayed refunds for some filers.

BIR's total tax collection grew 9.5 percent to P1.574 trillion in 2016 from P1.441 trillion in 2015.

After 60 days, the minimum penalty is $205 or 100 percent of the balance due, whichever is smaller. Note that you might have to pay interest on unpaid taxes.

A few weeks ago, the extension probably seemed great.

Last year April 15 fell on Friday, which pushed the tax return deadline to Monday, April 18.

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