Apple Pledges Zero Use Of Mined Materials In The Future

As of 2016, Apple has brought its use of renewable energy to 96 percent across all of its global facilities, Apple said in the introduction to the report.

It has also partnered with other organisations such as RE100 and ChemSec to drive clean energy initiatives and help achieve a toxic-free environment.

With Earth Day, as well as numerous March for Science rallies, set for tomorrow, Apple today announced a number of initiatives it's pursuing to shrink its environmental footprint and improve company sustainability.

Many Apple fans are anticipating some bold updates, especially since the last few iPhones have arrived with mostly smaller, incremental design changes. Eventually, Jackson said, the company will combine high-quality recycled metals bought from suppliers with those taken from old Apple products returned by customers.

Liam, Apple's iPhone-disassembling robot, will play a big part in recycling and reusing Apple's own components to produce new devices.

"To ask less of the planet, we ask more of ourselves", is how the introduction to the report reads.

Apple's new headquarters replaced five million square feet of asphalt and concrete with grassy fields and over 9,000 native, drought-resistant trees, and is powered by 100 per cent renewable energy, the company said.

"We still have a long way to go and a lot to learn".

Apple is now 100 per cent renewable in 24 countries, including all of its data centres.

"Our new corporate campus, Apple Park, is on track to be the largest LEED Platinum-certified building in North America", the company stated in the report.

To preserve precious resources, over 99 percent of the paper in Apple's product packaging is from recycled or responsibly managed sources.

In its Environmental Responsibility Report, Apple placed its goal for closed-loop supply chain where "one day" the company will only use renewable resources to manufacture its products. Expect new iMacs later this year, company executives said earlier this month, but that's not all: Apple plans to make all of its products with recycled materials.

Apple announced it is transitioning to 100% recycled tin on the main logic board of the iPhone 6s, while also using reclaimed aluminium to build new devices. However, there's one MAJOR problem: Apple doesn't know how or when they're going to make it all happen. "This was a really different space for me, and I learned a lot about what Apple is doing on the environment", says Blagden.

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