We test out new Overwatch hero Orisa

Kaplan added, "So we hope that in Orisa, there's now another option to a low-mobility tank but one that brings a high amount of protection in her protective barrier where you kind of see her on the battlefield and go 'oh okay, we're approaching from this angle".

Update: Orisa is available to try out in the PTR, which has been flooded by players since her reveal. In a blog post on its website, the company introduced Efi Oladele, an 11-year-old genius grant recipient who had been making strides in artificial intelligence and robotics. Think an inverse verion of Pharah's knock-away charge: rather than knocking enemies away, it drags them closer. She can become immune to Mei's freeze, Roadhog's hook and Reinhardt's charge, not to mention Zarya's graviton surge.

Orisa's skills include a barrier which is useful to keep teammates unscathed when on the attack and her ultimate move, Supercharger allows them to do more damage.

Orisa will be a tank character.

In a developer update video, Jeff Kaplan explains, "We started to define Reinhardt, the term that we would use on the development team was an 'anchor tank.' With a properly positioned Reinhartd the team builds and positions around Reinhartd".

However, it should be noted that Blizzard is now talking about Doomfist freely, as it is specifically mentioned in Orisa's lore that it was the mysterious character that caused the destruction in the Numbani Airport.

And for those interested in her origin story, look no further!

On paper, she already seems like a fun hero, and will likely serve as an interesting mix-up option for folks exhausted of pulling down the same tank classes. Since it can be deployed from a distance, she can use it to protect teammates whom she is behind.

I would think that you could simply buff the health of Orisa's shield, but it may be necessary, now that we have an accurate counterpoint, to nerf Reinhard's shield health. Based roughly on the OR-15 defensive robots that protected the city of Numbani, Orisa was designed as an improvement over the bots that put up very little resistance against a Doomfist attack. "And what we mean by that is that Reinhardt nearly anchors the entire team".

Supercharger is her ultimate.

"I want to create things that make our lives better".

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