United Kingdom ex-Chancellor Osborne appointed newspaper editor

We will judge what the Government, London's politicians and the political parties do against this simple test: is it good for our readers and good for London?

His "political viewpoint - socially liberal and economically pragmatic - closely matches that of many of our readers", Lebedev said.

About 60% of the eligible voters in London wanted Britain to remain in the European Union, but the United Kingdom as a whole voted for Brexit.

Last month Mr Osborne defended taking on additional work as part of his "varied and interesting" contribution to national life.

Mr Osborne featured in my last post here a few days ago: The Resignation, The Tweets And The Facts: A Snapshot Of Double Standards In Britain - which is entirely coincidental, but might be illuminating on circles of power in the United Kingdom. His opponents accused him of scaremongering. Osborne will remain the member of parliament for Tatton in northwest England. He has occasionally criticized some of her rightwing initiatives, such as promoting schools that select pupils based on academic ability.

Speaking to staff in his new office, Mr Osborne told them he would listen to their advice over how they produce a "great paper", adding: "I have got to learn from you because I may have run a country but I have never run a newspaper".

'You can not be serious!' No, not the old John McEnroe quote, but the reaction of most of the journalistic profession and the editorial staff of the London Evening Standard, the paper George Osborne has been sensationally appointed to edit. The younger Lebedev said Osborne would bolster the Standard's influence. He already has a part time job with a salary of 650,000 pounds a year for working just 48 days at asset manager BlackRock, and earned hundreds of thousands of pounds giving speeches.

He is now facing calls to quit his role as an MP and the Shadow Minister Andrew Gwynne has written to John Manzoni, the Permanent Secretary at the Cabinet Office asking Mr Manzoni to look into whether Mr Osborne has breached the Ministerial Code of Conduct for not referring his new role to the Advisory Committee on Business Appointments (Acoba) before accepting the position of editor.

His appointment as editor of the Evening Standard provoked "huge shock" in his constituency in Tatton, Cheshire, which is 200 miles away from London.

Osborne has limited journalistic experience.

I watched a woman who was described as a supporter of the Conservative Party on television on BBC News after the announcement was made, asked what she thought of it.

Mr Osborne, who was sacked as Chancellor by Theresa May last year, replaces Sarah Sands, who is leaving after five years at the helm to join the BBC.

While at the University of Oxford, Osborne dabbled in student journalism and was proud enough of his efforts to display the two issues of the magazine he edited in his Downing Street flat while chancellor.

Ms Lucas said: "The truth is that by taking this job George Osborne has shown contempt for his constituents".

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