OTA Update Brings Google Assistant To OnePlus 3

Moment on Pixel

The Moment case and wide lens for the Google Pixel

The official confirmation about the imminent release of Pixel 2 suggests that the Pixel successor will likely make its way in 2017, although there is still no word on the exact release date of the phone.

The Google Pixel 2 is all set to be released during the year. Google has released the update for the Nexus and Pixel owners, and other manufacturers too will start rolling out soon. Now there are a large number of Android devices scheduled to receive the Google Assistant, so the update may take quite a while to get to your phone, whether or not it is a OnePlus 3.

Rumours of the Google Pixel 2 first emerged earlier this year, with the device expected to feature a number of hardware improvements on the first-generation device. Like every other rumour, we advise you to take this story with a pinch of salt. If you say, "Show me my last message", you'll be able to access your most recent conversation.

But as it stands right now, Google's Pixel is more of an interesting experiment than a full-blown success, said IDC's Ramos.

A report by GSM Arena stated that Google is now experiencing inventory issues with the Pixel smartphones, which has led to stocks running out most of the time. Verizon confirmed that its version of the phones would receive software updates at the same time that non-Verizon handsets would just days after the Pixel's announcement, and the carrier's done a good job at following through on that promise.

Google confirmed it will be launching the Pixel 2 and that it will continue to cater to the high-end segment but refused to offer a timeline for its launch.

Apart from this, the Pixel 2 must also have ample supply to meet the consumers' demand.

Given the fact that the Google Pixel 2 is a direct competitor of the iPhone 8, it is not very surprising to see the smartphone been subjected to various rumors and leaks. The phone's camera might not pack a lot of pixels but that will be compensated by special features. I think the Google Pixel will be much easier to hold as compare to the Pixel XL.

It is expected that Google Pixel 2 will also be released during October this year keeping in line with its predecessor. It means that gadgets like Nexus 5X, Pixel C tablets, Pixel and Pixel XL phones will be getting the same security patch this month.

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