Harrowing Video Shows Woman's Escape from a Mudslide in Peru

Incredible footage shows woman crawl out from raging mudslide

She pulls herself onto the pallets

Evangelina Chamorro Diaz was feeding her pigs with her husband after dropping her two daughters at school when a landslide pulled them in.

According to La Republica, a bull spotted struggling in the sludge was also rescued by dozens of neighbours, along with other animals.

Meanwhile, in Huachipa, located 23 kms (14 miles) to the east of capital Lima, members of the Peruvian army helped residents cross a flooded street.

President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski said authorities were prepared to provide shelter and relief to those left homeless.

Díaz is lucky. The massive mudslides - caused by weeks of rain and rising rivers in Peru - have already claimed the lives of 62 people, and injured more than 100 more, CBS News reported.

"There's a person there!" an observer cried out.

This is Peru's rainy season and so far this season more than 60 people have been killed, more than 12,000 homes have been destroyed, almost 40,000 acres of crops has been affected, and more than 700 miles of roadways has been destroyed as of March 15.

Chamorro collapsed as she reached land and was quickly carried by several men to an emergency vehicle.

750 districts have already declared a state of emergency.

They both managed to escape with only minor injuries.

Seven of the nation's most risky criminals were temporarily transported to another detention center after a river near the prison threatened to overflow.

Following the incident, the nation's health minister Patricia Garcia visited Díaz and said, "She is a little confused, but she is very well and will recover because she is a warrior and thank God nothing serious happened". Alice Bryant adapted the information for Learning English.

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