Facebook is back at again with the Snapchat-style features

So far you can use the geotagged stickers in New York City and

So far you can use the geotagged stickers in New York City and

Basically, it allows you to post a series of temporary photos and videos that last 24 hours - it all sounds very familiar. Everything that lands in Messenger Day will be deleted after 24 hours, though, so Facebook is hoping there won't be much incentive to hold back from sharing.

Messenger Day offers users all sorts of graphic overlays. Users can also personalize their images with more than 5,000 frames, effects and stickers. And now, it has announced a new feature that Snapchat snobs can say they knew about first.

Facebook reports that millions of people around the world have already used Messenger Day since the company began testing the feature late previous year.

When sending the post, it is possible to send it to a general Messenger Day-story that all contacts can be seen or it can be sent to individual contacts for a private messaging experience.

When using the camera, a single press on the shutter button will take a photo. Art and effects can be added by tapping the smiley face icon in the upper right.

To apply a Geo Sticker on a photo or video, You just have to tap on the sticker icon. Users can add text and drawings, and more recently Boomerang videos and website links. You can also add photos directly from a message conversation. From here, you can add the content directly to your day, save it to your phone's camera roll, or send it to a specific person or group.

The option of choosing your audience, or simply posting it to your "Day". Tap add and it'll appear for all to see.

But Messenger Day has something that Snapchat and Instagram don't offer you: a significantly easier way to control who sees your story. This Special Report gives you the latest scoop. However, there are a couple of additional social elements unique to Messenger Day that you won't find on the others.

Facebook said Messenger Day will help you to share the best bits of your day with your closest friends and family.

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