Warren Violates Arcane Rule, Sparking Senate Dustup

US Senator Jeff Sessions is confirmed as the next US Attorney General.  AFP  SAUL LOEB

US Senator Jeff Sessions is confirmed as the next US Attorney General. AFP SAUL LOEB

Previously, Sessions was a US attorney for the southern district of Alabama between 1981 and 1993; he then served as Alabama attorney general for two years before winning a seat in the US Senate in 1996, where he stayed until Wednesday's confirmation. "Nevertheless, she persisted." Little did he know that his words would quickly became a rallying cry in support of Warren.

Both Warren and Udall were speaking out against the confirmation of Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) as attorney general - Sen.

Warren produced a three-decade-old letter in which the civil rights leader wrote that Sessions as an acting federal prosecutor in Alabama used his power to "chill the free exercise of the vote by black citizens". In the letter, King criticized Sessions' record on voting rights, saying the Voting Rights Act "was, and still is, vitally important to the future of democracy in the United States".

And in maybe the best use of Facebook Live ever, Warren read the letter that had been struck from the Senate record immediately outside of congressional chambers.

Tensions over confirming President Donald Trump's Cabinet nominees erupted late Tuesday in the US Senate, where a lawmaker's criticism of attorney general pick Jeff Sessions led to the very rare reprimand of a senator.

On Tuesday, Sessions had cleared a procedural hurdle in the Senate.

The hours leading up to the vote were contentious. She said Daines local representative planned to speak with members of the group today.

Warren, a liberal firebrand who some activists want to run for president, took to social media to attack McConnell and Republicans for shutting down her speech. That didn't sit well with Majority Leader Mitch McConell. Because, for an entire day, Trump was not the most talked-about person in Washington; Senator Elizabeth Warren-and by proxy, Coretta Scott King-was. When Warren challenged the ruling, the Senate voted along party lines to uphold it.

U.S. Senate rules are in the spotlight after Sen. "She was warned, she was given an explanation". He pointed at her political motivations and said Warren is "clearly running for the nomination in 2020", CNN reports. They invoked a rule aiming to bar senators from impugning their colleagues.

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