US Department of Education issues error correction which contains an error

Newly Sworn In Education Secretary Betsy De Vos Addresses Staff At The Education Department

Education Dept. torched for misspelling WEB Du Bois in tweet

The U.S. Department of Education had a few spelling mishaps on Twitter early Sunday morning while trying to pay homage to W.E.B.

Hours later, the department issued an apology that featured yet another misspelling.

"'In the Days of Loose & Careless Logic, We Must Teach Thinkers to THINK.' - William Edward Burghardt DU Bois", the NAACP tweeted.

But the effort to highlight Du Bois' famous words backfired-because whoever sent the Tweet misspelled Du Bois' name, as "DeBois".

Internet trolls on Sunday blamed new Education Secretary Betsy DeVos for a typo on the department's Twitter feed that misspelled the name of a prominent African-American sociologist, but a spokesman said the mistake was made by a longtime employee. Du Bois' name in a tweet, then had a typo in a follow-up tweet apologizing for the first mistake. Du Bois is most well known for being a civil rights activist and a black sociologist.

The Department of Education has been tweeting tributes to black icons through February to celebrate Black History Month - and thus far, the other tweets have been error-free. DeVos' confirmation only went through due to a tie-breaking vote in the Senate by Vice President Mike Pence. One commenter tweeted: "I love that your initial apology for a typo included a typo".

Douglass, an African American social reformer and statesman, died February 20, 1895.

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