Trump Asks Black Reporter If She's 'Friends' With Black Caucus

Trump I Tried To Meet With Rep. Cummings But He Wouldn't Make A Meeting

Caucuses Demand Justice From Trump Administration; Vow To Continue Protests

I can't have that meeting.

Ryan asked Trump a question about his plans to help "inner cities", a main tenet of his campaign platform.

The reporter, April Ryan, then said she heard Cummings wanted to have that meeting, too. "I can't have that meeting". "What I have been doing for the past several weeks is working closely with my partner on these efforts, Senator Bernie Sanders", Cummings said. "I spoke to him on the phone, very nice guy", the president said.

Cummings, the top-Democrat on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee responding by arguing that Trump's characterization was "made up" and that he hopes the meeting - focused on the price of prescription drugs - will still happen.

On any other day with any other president, a member of the Congress claiming that the president made up a story about him would be at the top of the news headlines, but in the era of Trump, it gets overlooked and consumed by a title wave of other falsehoods. Ryan is black. "Are they friends of yours?" No, set up the meeting. Set up - set up the meeting. "I think that was pretty instructive to me". "I think it's great".

Ryan, who has been covering the White House for 20 years, tweeted immediately following the press conference, "I am a journalist not a convener!"

And the Maryland Democrat, he suggested, may have been waved off the meeting by New York Sen. After the presser concluded, he pushed back and said Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer did not instruct Cummings to do any such thing. "It's bad politics.' And that's part of the problem with this country". Cummings denied cancelling the meeting in a statement released following the press conference.

Donald Trump said an nearly infinite number of terrifying and wrong things during a press conference today that may go down as the most unhinged scene in an administration that long ago parted with its bearings, but there was one particular moment that stuck out above all the others, and which needs to be watched.

"Well, I would. I tell you what".

But Cummings said he was "actually looking forward to meeting with the President about the skyrocketing price of prescription drugs". 'I am sure members of the CBC can answer these questions for themselves'. The Tri-Caucus is comprised of the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus (CAPAC), the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC).

"We sent you a letter on January 19, but you never wrote us back", the CBC wrote through its official Twitter account. "So we're going to do a lot of great work on the inner cities".

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