Tiffany Trump Accepts Whoopi's Invitation to Sit Together at NY Fashion Week

Twitter unusually seemed very supportive of someone facing adversity

Twitter unusually seemed very supportive of someone facing adversity

But for all her problems with Trump, the actress and "The View" host doesn't think it's right for his younger daughter, Tiffany Trump, to be shunned and mistreated, as Goldberg says she was during at least one event during New York Fashion Week. The president's daughter was left sitting alone on Monday at the Phillip Plein show after several fashion editors changed seats so as not to sit next to the 23-year-old.

Tiffany Trump-who was shown sitting by herself at Fashion Week in pictures circulated on Twitter-responded to Goldberg with a tweet of her own.

"You know what Tiffany?"

After offering to sit with Trump, Goldberg continued: "Nobody is talking politics - you're looking at fashion".

"She was surrounded by photographers, and the two women who moved were leaning away - they clearly didn't want to be in those photographs", says Binkley, who was seated a few seats down from the first daughter. "Because bragging about this online and saying, 'Look, she has no one to sit with her, ' that's being a mean girl just for sport". "I do not know what will happen, but I will come and sit with you".

Others warned Trump not to go on "The View", speculating that Goldberg was trying to "trap" her.

Designer Plein also addressed the incident, telling, "Tiffany Trump is not a politician, she's a teenager (sic)".

Seating shitshow at Philipp Plein because no editors want to sit near Tiffany Trump.

Goldberg spoke about how there is a difference between people boycotting Ivanka Trump's fashion line amid the Nordstrom controversy, and people not wanting to sit next to Tiffany.

Goldberg received multiple angry tweets after Trump sent her thanks, but the comedian fired back at them. "That's all about buying stuff".

Among all of President Trump's grown children, Tiffany has been the most removed from politics at the White House.

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