Syrian President: Trump suggestion of 'safe zones' not realistic

Syrian President Bashar Assad has said that US troops would be welcome in his country provided they work together with the government, but decried US President Donald Trump's idea of "safe zones".

In an interview with the American Yahoo News issued Friday by state news agency SANA, the president said the report put the reputation of the organization into question.

On allowing global organizations to visit the prison and inspect the allegations, Assad said that such approval relies on the credibility of the organization, "because they could use such a visit to demonize the Syrian government more and more, like what is happening now".

Assad further stated that the Syrian government would welcome cooperation with Washington in the campaign against the Takfiri Daesh terror group only if the United States respects Syria's sovereignty and unity, and takes a "clear political position" on the matter. However, when asked if some of the refugees "are aligned with terrorists", Assad said "definitely".

On the number of terrorists among the 4.8 million Syrian refugees, President Assad said "no-one has any number, nobody knows, because nobody knows all the terrorists to give a percentage, no-one at all".

At the same time, the Syrian president said that "safe zones for the Syrians could only happen when you have stability and security, where you don't have terrorists, where you don't have [the] flow and support of those terrorists by the neighboring countries or by Western countries".

All sides in the six-year Syrian conflict have been accused of atrocities and human rights abuses, and the Syrian leader acknowledged that government forces have made some "mistakes".

"One cannot but feel disgusted about the atrocities in Syria's prisons that have been documented by Amnesty International, mainly in Saydnaya", said Hamadeh.

He also rejected Trump's plan to carve out safe zones for civilians in Syria. "We are living in a fake news era".

However, according to Assad the idea on the safe zones establishment in Syria is "unrealistic".

"We invited the Russians, and the Russians were genuine regarding this issue", Assad said.

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