'SNL' Has Kellyanne Conway Pulling A 'Fatal Attraction' With CNN's Jake Tapper

Kate McKinnon dials up the insane for impression of White House advisor Kellyanne Conway as Glenn Close in "Fatal Attraction".

In last night's episode, actress Kate McKinnon dials up the insane in her impression of Mr. Trump's top aide, Kellyanne Conway, as Glenn Close from the 1987 thriller Fatal Attraction.

"Well, what was I supposed to do?"

And how can you ignore Kellyanne's seductive tactics like this incredible shimmy Kate did when talking about a possible "ethics violation?" "You weren't answering my calls, you changed your number". McKinnon later yelled as she tried to corner "Tapper", who cited Conway's credibility issues for keeping her off of his show.

"But I miss the news", she told the uncomfortable Tapper.

But I digress. Let's get back to the sketch, shall we? In reality, Conway and Tapper clashed during a CNN interview earlier this week that included the journalist fact-checking the White House counselor in real-time.

She managed to walk away from the fall, however, saying "I am fine, but I do only have three lives left". What if I do a free commercial for Ivanka's shoes, live on air? "Think of the clicks, Jake".

"Conway had claimed in multiple media interviews that the nonexistent "Bowling Green massacre" justified Trump's travel ban, although she's since said that she "misspoke".

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