Putin says he's ready to meet Trump in Slovenian capital

Trump's presidency was already dogged by questions of legitimacy given that almost 3 million more Americans voted for his opponent, but the idea that a foreign adversary helped tip the scales in his direction raised the volume on those concerns.

The White House is probing ongoing leaks of US President Donald Trump's private conversations with foreign leaders, including a report that he criticised a 2011 US-Russia nuclear arms treaty during last month's call with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"I would not formulate any positions as of now".

"We've heard what the elected president, Mr. Trump, who has now assumed office, thinks of this, we've always welcomed it, and we expect that these relations will be fully restoring across all dimensions, but this depends not just on us, but also on the Americans", Putin said.

"This is the most significant arms control agreement in almost two decades", Obama said after the Senate ratified the treaty.

The treaty in question, known as New START, caps US and Russian deployment of "strategic offensive arms", including nuclear warheads. This capped both sides arsenals at 1,600 delivery vehicles (also known as missiles and bombers) and no more than 6,000 nuclear warheads. He's with us. This hour on Point, Ambassador Michael McFaul on Donald Trump, Putin and the world. "Secretary Tillerson knows the dangers posed by Russian Federation and the importance of restoring a credible USA deterrent so Moscow no longer exploits what it perceives as American weakness". We're exhausted in terms of nuclear.

According to him, the rejection of the START Treaty will not lead to any serious consequences: Russian Federation will be free to increase its offensive weapons if necessary. No one, least of all our president, should ever forget that. "He rejects even those things that may be mutually beneficial, like the New START treaty". A further dialogue should include other nuclear powers, but there is no sign of such a dialogue, considering the fact that everyone values its arsenal.

SCAN compiled the data by analyzing more than 240,000 articles from Russia's national and regional press, television and radio broadcasts, and online news sites each day in January.

The director of the Roosevelt Fund of Study of the U.S. at Moscow State University, Yuri Rogulyov, expressed doubt that the United States will abandon the START Treaty. The 50-minute call with Russian president, Vladimir Putin, covered topics ranging from stabilizing relations and restoring trade ties to the threat of radical Islamic terrorism and situations in Ukraine and the Koreas.

"The United States must have a firm response to this belligerent behavior from Moscow, which should include diplomatic actions, economic consequences, as well as a strengthened military posture in Europe", the senators said. "The way he [Putin] claims to fight terrorists is by bombing [the] civilian population, so we are in partnership with him, fighting ISIS and he kills [a] bunch of children and bombs a hospital in Aleppo, that's on us too", Marco Rubio said.

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