Missing Bobcat Found at Smithsonian's National Zoo

Adorable Zoo Babies Jaguar Cubs

Adorable Zoo Babies Jaguar Cubs

According to the Smithsonian's National Zoo in Washington D.C., the female bobcat that went missing from her enclosure on Monday morning has been found.

During the search, the zoo fielded several calls about possible sightings of Ollie in a residential area near the zoo, Reuters reported. They gave her a series of feline booster shots including a rabies booster, and also stitched up a cut on her left front paw. Ollie got out through a hole in the mesh netting that surrounds her enclosure, the zoo said.

By Wednesday afternoon, the search was called off. Officials said they were hopeful that she was OK - especially if she made it to Washington's Rock Creek Park, a veritable playground for an adventurous feline of her stature.

As a result, more than a dozen schools moved activities indoors Tuesday, a D.C. Public Schools spokeswoman said. "She came right back into the trap".

Zoo officials believe the 25-pound bobcat probably climbed out through a small opening in the mesh net that encloses her habitat on Monday morning.

But it turns out Ollie is celebrating her escape through a parody account on social media.

Mr. Saffoe said he and his staff had believed Ollie would want to return to her familiar habitat, where she's lived for the past five years.

"I like cats; I'm not scared", he said.

Bobcats can run up to 30 miles per hour and are excellent climbers, according to the zoo's webpage on the animal.

"There's food, there's shelter, there's warmth at her exhibit", Smith said. In the wild, they eat rabbits, hares, squirrels and mice. And she's the same thing. "She's not a threat unless you become a threat to her". The zoo declared a "code green" for an escaped animal. But by the time someone was able to arrive, the animal was gone. "Did she escape because she wanted to be free?" He was later found in a tree in the Adams Morgan neighborhood and nudged from his perch with a long pole. A resident, Ashley Foughty, spotted Rusty and tweeted pictures that helped keepers find him in a tree.

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