Microsoft Launches Programme To Combat Rising Cloud IP Concerns

Azure is Microsoft's collection of cloud computing and data services, which includes analytics, computing, databases, mobile, media, networking and storage.

Microsoft is eager to differentiate itself from its larger rival in the cloud world,, by bolstering its promises to secure customers' data and defend them from legal complications.

The service, called Azure Backup, will ensure customers can use an off-site backup but without the risk of their data being sent to another jurisdiction.

The new prices are already in effect.

Microsoft said customers would only pay for the amount they store, rather than having to buy tiers of use, and this can scale up and down as demand dictates. You can extend your hosted private cloud services to hybrid cloud by delivering Azure services from your data center.

Microsoft recently announced the preview of Storage Service Encryption (SSE) for Azure File Storage.

The company says its Azure Backup and Site Recovery features are now available across all its cloud regions within the UK. The first creates three copies of stored data, which are then relocated to a paired datacentre in the same region, while the second allows companies to create a backup at a site hundreds of miles away from the original.

Microsoft's Azure director of product marketing Venkat Gattemneni said the company was making "significant price reductions" on several Azure virtual machine ranges and storage types.

For Azure Virtual Machines, Microsoft said it has reduced prices of its compute-optimized F Series instances and its general-purpose A1 Basic instances, by up to 24 percent and 61 percent respectively. The idea behind this is said to be to lower the barrier for customer entry and boost cloud transformation.

Azure Storage products also got a price cut of up to 26 percent for Hot Block Blob Storage and up to 38 percent for Cool Block Blog storage.

Meanwhile, competitors such as Amazon Web Services and Google have continued to lower prices.

The big cloud infrastructure providers have been promoting price cuts for some time now as a way of attracting customers to their cloud services, especially for largely commodity services.

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