Kris Bryant gets pranked by "camera guy" Greg Maddux

WATCH: Greg Maddux pranks Kris Bryant during BP with his arsenal of pitches

Watch: 'Sound guy' Greg Maddux throws Kris Bryant a curveball

Cubs star third baseman Kris Bryant was unwittingly pranked by Hall of Fame pitcher Greg Maddux while shooting a video for Red Bull in Las Vegas.

Kris Bryant is just the latest batter to be fooled by the Mad Dog.

With Spring Training around the corner, Major League Baseball players are tying a bow on an offseason of endorsements set to air once the seasons begins.

"He actually might be better than the other guy", the unsuspecting Bryant said. Little does he know that the sound guy on the video crew is none other than Hall of Fame pitcher and four-time Cy Young Award victor Greg Maddux in disguise. "It'll sound really good", Maddux said. A portly sound guy stepped in and began zipping the ball past Bryant much to his surprise.

Bryant laughed when Maddux took the mound, but was impressed by the throws he was facing. What he didn't know was that a member of the production crew was pitching great Greg Maddux in disguise. Luckily for Bryant, it wasn't one of Maddux's more vulgar pranks like peeing on someone's leg in the shower, and instead was a hidden identity prank.

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