Jake Tapper Grills Kellyanne Conway on Trump Administration Lies

Jake Tapper Grills Kellyanne Conway on Trump Administration Lies

Jake Tapper Grills Kellyanne Conway on Trump Administration Lies

In an interview to CNN on Tuesday, Conway said she "regretted tremendously" shaming the press for not covering the "Bowling Green massacre" - an event that did not happen - when she was defending Trump's immigration crackdown. "It would be better if they were not coming from the White House, for me and for you".

When the subject moved to Conway's admonishment of the media for not covering the fictional "Bowling Green Massacre", which is totally made up and never happened, Conway fell on her sword.

"Obviously, the very sad incidents that you've related ... frankly, CNN did awesome coverage for weeks at a time", Conway said. Conway, a senior aide in Trump's White House, didn't even try to make the case that the president is always truthful - there are some claims even she won't make - instead arguing that some of the things Trump says "are true". "I regretted it tremendously", Conway said.

Thankfully, the show's host didn't back down from grilling Kellyanne as he called out the president's MANY falsehoods.

"I felt really badly about that, and I apologise and I rectify".

President Trump has frequently criticised CNN as "fake news" - alongside regular attacks on other media outlets such as The New York Times.

"Everyday there are these sprays of attack and sprays of falsehoods coming from the White House".

When she was asked about the President's claim that the press does not cover terrorism and has an unstated reason for doing so, Conway conceded that numerous attacks were indeed covered extensively.

She said: "There just seems to be charge and accusation after charge and accusation that some how President Trump and Vladimir Putin are BFFs".

In other words, Trump may routinely say things that aren't true, but so long as his heart is in the right place, we can adopt a "no harm, no foul" approach to presidential scrutiny. On Tuesday, he again attacked the media and lied about the murder rate. We, of course, are very sad about loss of life here. "Are we fake news, Kellyanne?", pressed Tapper. I will ask him.

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