In major breakthrough, India successfully tests first ballistic missile interception

AAD interceptor missile on the launch pad. | Express

AAD interceptor missile on the launch pad. | Express

The system includes two interceptor missiles - PAD/PDV for high altitude interception and AAD Missile for lower altitude interception. Find us on Facebook too!

The operated was automated and a radar based detection and tracking system successfully detected and tracked the enemy's ballistic missile.


"I extend my hearty congratulations to all those associated with the successful test-firing of the Prithvi Defence Vehicle (PDV) Interceptor Missile", Mukherjee said in a message to Defence Research & Development Organisation (DRDO) Chairman S. Christopher.

The target was developed for mimicking a hostile Ballistic Missile launched from a ship anchored at Bay of Bengal and interceptor was launched from Kalam Island off the coast of Odisha. Defence sources said as Pakistan is increasing its arsenal of both delivery systems and nuclear warheads, India has given priority to developing ballistic missile defence. The mission computer predicting the trajectory of the target has launched the interceptor missile from Dr. Abdul Kalam Island at appropriate time based on the trajectory of the target missile.

The interceptor missile has been developed to counter an incoming ballistic missile.

The Heat Shield ejected after the missile crossed the atmosphere while the IR Seeker dome opened to look at the Target location and then moved for interception using the Inertial Guidance.

The entire sequence of shooting down of "enemy missile" monitored by the Telemetry and Range Stations at various other locations, ITR sources said. "It has entered an exclusive club of four nations with developing capabilities to secure its skies and cities against hostile threats", it said. The missile will provided a huge boost to the country's defense platform, allowing it to come up with systems that can protect it against missile attacks by intercepting and destroying them in mid-air.

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