Immigrant advocates decry spate of arrests in LA

Martin Do Nascimento  KUT

Martin Do Nascimento KUT

Meanwhile, the Washington Post reported Friday that authorities launched a "series of raids, traffic stops and checkpoints" in about six states Thursday and Friday, citing attorneys and immigrant advocates for the reports. The first round of Trump-era deportation sweeps had begun. A solidarity rally for immigrant rights is planned in NY on Friday.

Demonstrators hit the streets of Los Angeles to protest against reported raids by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials which allegedly led to more than 100 people being detained.

The situation highlighted fear among many immigrants about Trump's vow to deport those in the United States illegally.

Last week, an Austin-based immigrant advocacy group released a bulletin alleging that ICE may have deployed four teams of officers in Travis County, sparking immediate alarm.

The resistance is needed: early Friday, reports emerged that ICE is now conducting raids in Atlanta, Georgia. ICE, however, said the arrests were part of their routine operations.

The raids triggered protests in downtown Los Angeles late Thursday that blocked an entrance to the 101 Freeway.

The sweep was the second high-profile ICE action in two days.

Navarrete said the man has three children who are USA citizens. "We are working hard with the immigrant communities to dispel fears". Ever since the 2008 raid, she had checked in annually with ICE to review her case-brief meetings that always resulted in her walking free, even though she had been convicted of a felony and later had a deportation order against her.

It also appeared to signal adeparture from the Obama administration's prioritized immigration enforcement against criminals. Sixty of those detained were Mexican nationals, according to CHIRLA executive director Angelica Salas, as cited by the Los Angeles Times.

Or these sweeps in Austin, Texas: "Alvarado described her husband's arrest like 'he was being hunted. We're trying to do some legal triage", said Bob Libal, the executive director of Grassroots Leadership, which provides assistance and advocacy work to immigrants in Austin.

CHIRLA is now focusing on educating immigrant communities on civil and constitutional rights.

A Border Parol officer watches illegal immigrants in a holding facility.

Federal immigration officials, as well as activists, said that the majority of those detained were adult men. "This is unacceptable", Salas continued.

But immigration activists said Friday that they had documented ICE raids of unusual intensity in the last 48 hours in Vista, Pomona and Compton, Calif.; Austin, Dallas, and Pflugerville, Texas; Alexandria and Annandale, Va.; Charlotte and Burlington, N.C.; Plant City, Fla.; the Hudson Valley region of NY; and Wichita, Kan.

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