Grocery Chain Faces Boycott for Selling Trump Wines

Wegmans grocery stores in Virginia selling Trump Winery products became the site of the latest anti-Trump boycotts this week - but the protest seems to have only bolstered the wines' sales.

The Washington Post reported the Prince William County National Organization for Women planned to protest Wegmans in Northern Virginia over its refusal to remove Trump wine from its shelves.

"Our role as a retailer is to offer choice to our customers", Natale said.

"Individual shoppers who feel strongly about an issue can demonstrate their convictions by refusing to buy a product", Wegmans spokesperson Jo Natale told the Post.

Did a threat to boycott Wegmans over products with President Donald Trump's name backfire?

This is a developing story. Trump Winery officially opened in October of that year. The offered wines include: Trump Winery Meritage, Trump Blanc de Blanc, Trump Winery Chardonnay, Trump Winery Cru Fortified Chardonnay and Trump Winery Sauvignon Blanc. "For various reasons, we are sometimes asked to stop selling a product". President Donald Trump purchased the winery in 2011 and gave it to his son, Eric, to run.

"We will replenish our supply, but it may be three or four weeks before it is available again", said Natale. By Friday, all but one store was sold out and the remaining store had just one varietal left.About 300 members of the National Organization for Women in Virginia, who have been vocal about their opposition to President Trump, were behind the boycott.

The company's wines are sold at stores including Giant, Harris Teeter, Safeway, Kroger and Whole Foods, according to its website.

Since the 2016 election, his winery and other businesses have come under scrutiny as questions have been raised as to whether he has properly distanced himself from his business interests while serving as president.

"As long as Trump Products are sold here, myself, my family and as many people as I can convince will not shop here", one person wrote on Facebook. ABC sold $167,650-worth of Trump Winery products, or 7,837 bottles, ranking it No. 5 in wine sales at its stores. "We only carry Virginia wines in our stores and follow a specific listing and delisting process for these and all products we sell". An ABC rep adds that wines only get removed if they're underperforming, and that as of right now, Trump wines "meet the listing criteria and are not scheduled for delisting or removal from our sales inventory", in case those high sales numbers didn't make that clear.

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