Governor Signs Missouri Right-to-Work Billl Into Law

Inc. All rights reser

Inc. All rights reser

Missouri will become the 28th right-to-work state, when the law takes effect. "Today right-to-work sends a very clear message the people of Missouri are ready to work and Missouri is open for business". Former Gov. Jay Nixon, a labor-friendly Democrat, blocked multiple attempts to put right-to-work into statute, most notably in 2015, but Greitens campaigned heavily in support of the issue.

Top bills still pending in the Republican-led Legislature range from proposed changes to the way minimum-wage requirements are calculated for public works projects to a ban on automatic paycheck-withdrawals for union dues without annual permission.

Greitens, at his final event of the day, acknowledged the opposition that last week descended on the Capitol and his office with pleas for him not to sign the measure. "We know that our political opponents will do everything they can to stop our pro-jobs agenda, but the people of Missouri need and want quality jobs". He promised to sign the bill should it land on his desk.

"Right-to-work means right-to-work for less", said downstate ex-state Sen.

Several business-friendly organizations applauded Greitens' quick action on signing the right-to-work legislation, which supporters say will help bring jobs to Missouri.

It's one of three signing ceremonies, including others in Poplar Bluff and Jefferson City.

The recent cuts to the University of Central Missouri's state funding will increase in fiscal year 2018. Indiana, Wisconsin, Iowa, Kentucky and now Missouri all have the same rules giving workers the choice of paying union dues instead of allowing unions to collect dues as a condition of employment.

Since Republicans gained control of both the House and Senate more than a decade ago, conservatives have attempted to sign a right-to-work bill into law.

"This is about more jobs", Greitens wrote on Twitter. The law will take effect August 28.

Union leaders fear it will weaken unions and lowers wage.

Missouri's new right-to-work law does not apply to federal employers and employees, nor to employers and employees covered by the federal Railway Labor Act.

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