Fifty Shades Darker Is Telling a Big Lie About Lipstick

Congratulations Jamie was a little bemused at his co-star's excitement

Congratulations Jamie was a little bemused at his co-star's excitement

Valentine's Day moviegoers looking for a little titillation at the multiplex this year must choose between Fifty Shades or staying home.

Haley Halverson, director of communications with the National Center on Sexual Exploitation, says her group as well as other organizations across the globe, spoke out against the first movie and now they are doing the same with this second release.

Despite its title, Fifty Shades Darker may include the one bright spot in the controversial franchise.

Fifty Shades Darker also topped the box office markets in Netherlands, Philippines, and Russian Federation.

A recap of the last one: Ana was the virginal student who fell into the clutches of the bondage-obsessed billionaire Christian Grey.

Darker, Truitt writes, takes Christian and Ana, "on a second cinematic chapter filled with predictable twists, naked bedroom antics that could double as an infomercial for Sex Toys R Us, and unintentionally hilarious dialogue". But after one quick dinner, Ana is back to thinking that Christian will change for her. "Yeah, I'm not going to tell her what she can and can't do, I'm very un-Christian-like in that way but no, I don't think she has any plans to see it". Meanwhile, Christian's ex dominant comes back into his life causing major issues between him and Ana.

Although Ana is jealous of Mrs. Robinson, she is assured that Christian's heart is totally her own. There is plenty of drama, awkwardness, and steamy scenes. There's a leather cuff on a pole that looks more suited to keeping an angry Shetland pony at arm's length, and two silver balls that end up being the strangest product placement in film.

USA Today points out, "Johnson still hasn't found the right role to showcase her skills because this surely isn't it. Dornan is quite talented - as anybody who's watched the British TV show The Fall can attest - but he inexplicably loses his mojo in these movies. There isn't any. And if millions of girls or guys go out to see Fifty Shades Darker with their friends for a giggle or two, then the world is a happier place". Ditch the dudes and grab your gals.

He explained: "Well, it's meant to be a titillating film so I thought it might be better to keep the single men outside until we suss it out".

Emotional abuse victim Emma Tofi, who received the book as a present from her mother, cried herself to sleep after reading the first chapter.

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