Fayetteville Top Five on 2017 Best Places to Live List

Shutterstock  	 Denver Colorado got bumped from No. 1 to No. 2 on the new list

Shutterstock Denver Colorado got bumped from No. 1 to No. 2 on the new list

Money magazine, by contrast, identified four New Jersey communities a year ago among the best places to live in the country.

The Seattle area is the sixth best place to live in the United States, according to U.S. News & World Report's annual index, rising from seventh past year. Now, they have some backup on that statement coming from U.S. News & World Report.

U.S. News & World Report just unveiled their list of 2017 Best Places to Live in America after ranking the country's 100 largest metropolitan areas.

In the article about the new ranking, local expert Eva Ruth Moravec wrote: "About 50 people move to Austin every day, drawn to the Texas capital's music, outdoor spaces and cultural institutions".

The publication ranked metro areas by migration, desirability, quality of life, "value" and job-market health. Austin, Texas, came in at No. 1, bumping the previous victor, Denver, Colorado, to No. 2. The rest of the top five were: Denver, San Jose, Calif., Washington, D.C., and Fayetteville. The ranking also included data from the Census Bureau; the FBI; the Bureau of Labor Statistics, along with the magazine's rankings of the Best High Schools and Best Hospitals.

Cracking the Top 10 is our neighbor to the north, Seattle, which was ranked No. 6. Hartford, Connecticut; Syracuse, New York; and Milwaukee, Wisconsin, all climbed more than 20 spots into the top 50 as they all had higher affordability scores in 2017.

A new study shows the Queen City is fit for a king.

Fayetteville sits at number five on the list out of 100 cities.

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