Early version of Windows 10 Cloud leaked

To grab this latest build, verify that you're in the Fast ring of the Insider program and head to Settings Update & Security Windows Update.

While the screenshots show some fairly minor adjustments to the overall Windows 10 design, Microsoft is emphasizing more use of animations and visually blurring elements within apps.

In recent builds of Windows 10 we got hints of a new OS called Windows 10 Cloud but we did not know what it was going to be until the Windows 10 Cloud ISO lead online and we got to the bottom of it.

And as Petri pointed out, it's likely just a matter of time before hackers "jailbreak" Windows 10 Cloud to run the full version.

And it turns out that this stage has indeed been reached, with Microsoft now compiling the first rs2_release builds that would be shipped to insiders for testing.

This latest build includes a couple of interesting new features including a new picture-in-picture option, Windows Game Bar improvement for additional titles, and more.

Microsoft has revealed Windows 10 will soon offer users picture-in-picture in support.

For now, the slider feature doesn't actually change a device's settings; it's appearing in this build simply to generate feedback from users, she noted.

With Andromeda, Microsoft would be bringing things like support multi-window Continuum, a taskbar, toast notifications and full-featured Action Center, along with a user interface that would look nearly exactly like the desktop Of Windows 10 PCs.

"Our goal with Windows is to deliver experiences you'll love and we've made the decision to hold this feature for the next major update to Windows", Sarkar said. Last week, a low end Windows 10 SKU leaked (emphasized to ensure that the reader understands that it's not even an officially announced or confirmed product yet).

"To little surprise, the OS looks identical to Windows 10", Sams said.

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